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Surmanti - A piece of New Zealand

 When love, skill and nature work together, expect a masterpiece like Surmanti: ‘Our Beautiful Obsession’.   Innovation, excitement and love are part of our everyday thinking.   We love experiences; we love our friends; we love helping people; we love animals; we love teams (especially kiwi ones); we love events; we love our community, our country and planet; we love abstract ideas; we love art, beauty & science; we love women’s intuition and messages from our angels.   Love means liking much, much more than a lot. Love gives us meaning and defines who we are. Most importantly it means making the right choices every single day to leave the world a better place…
Not just when it suits us. 
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Our Story

 Surmanti is a visual, tactile and olfactory compilation of beauty, wellness and healing products paired to perfection with
Mother Nature’s finest, natural and organic ingredients.   
Founder Maxim Titter’s love and passion for creating products of beauty with patina, soul and purpose is immensely satisfying, but it’s the joy and results her products bring to others that give Maxim the most pleasure.   Maxim’s 18 year background as a beauty entrepreneur has certainly influenced Surmanti’s passion for active and fresh ingredients, but what drives this brand’s obsessiveness for all things natural and organic is family.   Maxim’s high predisposition to breast cancer and two precious little people with extreme sensitivity to chemicals have created a unique set of principles which have shaped and defined Surmanti’s brand and underlying philosophy.
 Our products are FREE from nasty chemicals.  No Solvent Extracted Oils.   No Mineral Oils. No Lauryl or Laureth Sulphates.  No PEGs. No Parabens. No SLS.   No Dyes. No Artificial Colouring. No Animal Ingredients or Animal Testing.   Our products are crafted in New Zealand, made fresh in small batches using ingredients in their pure, raw state, preserving the rich vitamins, minerals and active properties within.   We are passionate about the preservation and sustainability of our planet. Our packaging is recyclable.  We package FRESH in recyclable air tight black glass and food grade aluminum as heat, light and air all have a detrimental effect on the chemistry and effectiveness of natural products. We don’t use chemicals to extend shelf life; we rely on freshness and great packaging.
 We limit your exposure to chemicals found in plastics that can act like estrogen.  97% of our products are packaged in glass or food grade aluminum.  Plastics release estrogen-like hormone disruptors that affect how estrogen and other hormones act in the body; they throw off the body's natural hormonal balance by blocking and mimicking estrogen.  Research suggests that all plastics leach chemicals and at certain exposure levels, some  chemicals, such as bisphenol A (BPA), may cause cancer in people. (http://www.breastcancer.org/risk/factors/plastic)  
We never ever test on animals, only on our family and friends. In fact we donate a percentage of our profits to support animal rescue.
 Our most valued ingredient is TRUST. Our products keep their word, they simply perform.  We won’t compromise on results.  We want you to love your Surmanti products.  We know that if you’re delighted, you‘ll tell others and that’s very, very important to us.  In fact it’s been our growth strategy for over a decade.  
All our products are 100% RISK FREE.  In the unlikely event that you’re not satisfied, we will gladly exchange or refund your product for a full 30 days (with receipt). Combine our ethos with authenticity, integrity, love and soul and there you have Surmanti: “Our Beautiful Obsession”.  
Come on over to the DARK side…Black, bold and gold: the little kiwi company that demands attention and will earn your loyalty.
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