• Lemongrass & Aniseed Citronella EcoSoya Candle - Surmanti - Made In New Zealand
  • Lemongrass & Aniseed Citronella EcoSoya Candle - Surmanti - Made In New Zealand


Lemongrass & Aniseed Citronella EcoSoya Candle



Finally citronella candles you don't have to hide!

Three carefully selected essential oils. Firstly, citronella oil, a lemon-scented perennial grass grown in Southeast Asia, makes an effective NATURAL SAFE insect repellent.
Known to increase mental alertness and provide headache relief. Sweet lemongrass used to kill insects as well as a repellent. Known for its calming effect on the mind,
relieves tension, anxiety and uplifts one's spirit. Lastly, blend exotic Aniseed (potent and toxic to insects) a sweet, slightly spicy creamy licorice aroma, known to ease
tension and nauseous headaches. We then synergistically blend together with 100% natural eco soya wax, creating a fragrant LONG LASTING (burns over 60 hours) 
No soot, non toxic candle (unless you're a bug of course.) Hand poured in recyclable black glass.
Burn 30 minutes prior to guests arriving. For maximum insect repellent coverage, place Citronella candles 2.5 meters apart. Replace lid when relighting to ensure
maximum efficiency. To extinguish, place the lid securely over the candle.

For best results: Place melted eco soya wax oil straight onto your skin, ankles, wrists and a little on your neck for BITE FREE entertaining.

Warnings: Place on non-flammable, stable surfaces. Do not leave the candle unattended or pick up while burning.
Safe inside or outside.
250 Grams     60 Hours Burn Time      Made in New Zealand      Join us on facebook for Freebies Prizes & Giveaways 

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