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We want you to be more than happy. We want you to LOVE your Surmanti products. We know if you are delighted you will tell others, and that is VERY VERY important to us. After all that's been our growth strategy for over 2 decades. In the unlikely event, that you are not satisfied, we'll gladly exchange or refund your purchase for a full 30 days, at no charge to you. Now we can't be any fairer than that, can we?

International Award Winning Products

20+ years crafting sustainable, natural beauty, health and well-being products.

Fur Baby Pet Shampoo & Conditioner

Introducing "Fur Baby," our pet shampoo and conditioner! Crafted with essential ingredients like Fresh Mint to effectively repel and eradicate fleas, as well as Argan Oil to both combat fleas and provide nourishment for your furry friend's coat.

Smells absolutely amazing!!!


Experience tranquillity with Surmanti's vegan-friendly soy candles. Hand-poured in New Zealand, each candle is infused with high-quality essential oils and organic fragrances, transforming your home into a luxurious oasis.

Fragrance & Diffuser Online NZ

Discover Surmanti's curated collection of fragrances & diffusers online in NZ. Our cutting-edge diffusers use advanced ultrasonic technology to transform essential oils into a fine mist, enveloping your home in a natural aroma cloud. Elevate your space with our holistic wellness experience.

Globally Recognised Excellence

With over two decades dedicated to crafting eco-friendly beauty and wellness products, Surmanti is a global symbol of excellence.

Pamper Your Pet with "Fur Baby"

Introducing "Fur Baby," our signature pet shampoo and conditioner. Formulated with Fresh Mint to naturally deter fleas and Argan Oil to nourish, this duo promises a refreshing and healthy grooming experience.

Simply Irresistible Scented Candles

Choose Surmanti's premium candles for a calming and rejuvenating ambiance. Crafted from 100% soy wax and enriched with organic botanical oils, they offer a safer and greener option.

Quality, Eco-Friendly Candles Made in NZ

Surmanti's scented candles are toxin-free and crafted with the highest quality standards. 100% vegetable-based soy wax ensures a clean, soot-free burn, making it eco-friendly and cost-effective.

We take pride in offering new candles devoid of paraffin, beeswax, harmful chemicals, and GMOs. They are also biodegradable and certified kosher, making them guilt-free indulgences that align with a variety of lifestyle choices.

Our New Zealand-manufactured aromatic candles are elegantly packaged in a sophisticated matte black tube, adorned with gold detailing and a signature Surmanti coin. This attention to detail extends from the product itself to the packaging, making it a thoughtful and elegant gift that speaks volumes about your taste and consideration.

Whether you aim to instil a sense of peace at home, enhance your aromatherapy sessions, or find an exceptional gift, our candles are the ideal pick. They boast aesthetic appeal and environmental friendliness while promising enduring fragrances that help you relax and de-stress. The quality of our candles is maximised to enhance your daily rituals and special moments, adding a touch of luxury to your life.

Please note that for optimal performance and to maintain the integrity of the quality ingredients, avoid burning our candles for more than three consecutive hours.

Ideal Gift Choices

Surmanti's luxury candles, hand-poured with organic soy wax and natural oils, make perfect gifts for various occasions. Stylish packaging and bespoke scent combinations add a touch of sophistication.

Crafted with Care and Love

Experience self-care through Surmanti's range of home fragrance and wellness products, handcrafted in New Zealand with organic, natural ingredients.

A World of Aromatherapy with Essential Oils

Explore Surmanti's essential oils from select plant origins, the core of our diffusers, massage oils, and candles. Visit our blog for insights on aromatherapy oils.

Innovative Diffusers

Discover Surmanti's essential oil diffusers employing advanced ultrasonic technology. Perfect gifts to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.

Natural Skincare and Body Products

Handcrafted skincare and body care range with organic, natural ingredients. From facial cleansers to body lotions, Surmanti caters to your skincare needs.

Curated Gift Sets

Explore Surmanti's luxurious gift sets, carefully curated for a comprehensive sensory journey and elegantly packaged with soy candles, essential oils, diffusers, and skincare items.

Shop Premium Wellness Products Today: Rooms Sprays, Diffusers, and More

Surmanti New Zealand offers luxurious wellness products, including plant-based candles, organic essential oils, diffusers, home fragrances, and natural skincare. Explore our exquisite range online today.

Our founder
Maxim Titter

“I’m Maxim Titter, the founder of Surmanti. 25 years in the beauty industry has provided me with the professional background and the knowledge to create truly beneficial products that have a purpose. This, coupled with my deep love for sustainable, natural beauty, gave rise to the birth of Surmanti..."