About Us

“Every product made at Surmanti is made with love and celebrates the pure, natural and powerful ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer.”

Connecting you to Inner Wellbeing

At Surmanti we believe every ingredient has a purpose. That’s why we only use the best natural ingredients in all our products.
We know the everyday rituals we take to connect deeper with our inner selves start from the outside. These habits and motions, one as simple as lighting a candle, create a connection between purpose and meaning, ultimately guiding you in a sense of self discovery.
Here, at Surmanti, we know how to look past the product, and instead offer you an experience which not only showcases nature in its perfection, but elevates self love and respect in all its forms.

When Skill and Nature Combine 

Founder of Sumanti, Maxim Titter, comes with a wealth of experience within the beauty industry. With over almost three decades working alongside some of the leading figures in the sector, Maxim has truly mastered the art of connecting nature's essence to the human body.

Our scientifically backed batches are handmade in small amounts to maintain the benefits of the products within. Our natural ingredients, while luxurious and indulging, are also highly effective at promoting long term benefits to your overall health.

Harnessing Mother Nature

Each ingredient has a purpose, and each product reflects that. We never compromise on fresh quality ingredients, and we work to make Surmanti your all-natural source of wellness, beauty and self-care rituals.

Every product made at Surmanti is done so with harmonious intent and celebrates the pure, fresh and powerfully potent ingredients that mother nature in Aotearoa has to offer us.

Treat yourself to luxury today. 



A Note from our Founder

Meet the Surmanti Founder; Maxim Titter.

“I’m Maxim Titter, the founder of Surmanti. 25 years in the beauty industry has provided me with the professional background and the knowledge to create truly beneficial products that have a purpose. This, coupled with my deep love for sustainable, natural beauty, gave rise to the birth of Surmanti.

Surmanti started from our home base where humble beginnings saw our brand created from the confines of our kitchen. Yet in 2013 our businesses began to grow, and we quickly cemented ourselves as a true New Zealand-born luxury brand. After many years trying and testing the perfect products for our market, in 2019 we moved into our very own Surmanti factory. 

Now 20 plus years in the business we are an award Kiwi brand. We have received multiple global awards for our products and are recognised on an international level. Whilst this is amazing, our most important ethos remains the same: To consciously craft purposeful products for the benefit our customers and help leave the world a greener, cleaner place.

We try to make a big impact by working consistently on small things. Over time this has helped us touch the hearts and minds of our customers by providing them with products made with love

Surmanti lives by one simple rule - Make the right choices every single day, and leave the world a better place. I believe the smallest, simplest changes we make in our daily lives can contribute towards creating a cleaner, greener, sustainable footprint on the earth.

We’re honoured to have you here on our journey with us, and we hope you adore our products as much as we do

- Maxim Titter.