What Dads Really Want For Fathers Day

Important Message to Daughters, Sons, Wives, Partners...

What Most Dads ‘Want’ for Father’s Day… and what they ’Need’…Are Two Different Things… 

We know how you feel. Finding a Gift to express your love, appreciation and gratitude for Dad on Father’s Day can either send you into a tail spin, trying to find a present for the man who has everything or make you feel numb with the thought of again buying the same old stuff… The film “Ground Hog Day” comes to mind here… where everything repeats over and over and over...  Really, how many socks, undies, slippers, and singlets can one man wear… especially when men are renowned for never throwing old clothes away!


Imagine how Dad must feel! It doesn’t have to be this way. We’ve put together the perfect solution… a gift that will truly keep your Dad ahead of the pack long into 2015.


In short, either you pick the gift that fits your Dad best, or let us take the hassle off your hands, by ordering one of our Kiwi Blokes Grooming Boxes. These contain all the ingredients guaranteed to have him looking his best, and ready to take on anything.


We know it’s sometimes hard to bring up the subject of grooming for fear of hurt feelings but deep down inside you know what could easily be done… a few tweaks and a bit of help can do wonders to improve his image and his confidence… and yours.  After all, how he looks reflects on you doesn’t it?

He probably doesn’t even realise, he needs a bit of an overhaul…or maybe he’s not even aware of what can be done… most men aren’t.


You know how men work; you’ve seen them all checking each other out. Puffing out their chests… It’s all about status and who looks the best.


The men’s grooming boxes have been designed for the Kiwi bloke’s self-preservation (to fight against cellular damage and ageing) The logic of it is ’ain’t broke so don’t fix it’, no longer applies when you start to see lines running across the forehead and creases around the eyes.


We know you’ll be impressed with the huge difference to his appearance. You’ll feel proud of his fresh image and added confidence. Not to mention the fact that he’s now using SPF daily and a range of products without nasty chemicals.


So to show your appreciation for his continued support, loyalty and his love, after all, where would you be without him?  You can confidently select any of our Surmanti Man products with our 100% money back 30 day guarantee.

We understand that the gift you send and how it arrives directly reflects upon you and how much you care…
Each Grooming set is packed into a sturdy black box with gold foiling. Finished in a stylish black felt bag.

But you must hurry.  Father’s Day is nearly here and this is a Limited Edition collection. We have only 75 boxes left. 


Available only ‘till we run out, once they are gone they’re gone.  Call Today on 0800 884 314 or email info@surmanti.co.nz to find your nearest Surmanti stockist. Or order online NOW to secure your pack for Dad.

We promise this Father’s Day will be one he’ll remember for a long, long time. He’ll rave about what a great present you gave him - thanks to you.