Surmanti Man - A Piece Of New Zealand Geared For The Guys

A piece of New Zealand, Geared for the Guys. 
Specifically formulated for the Kiwi Bloke’s self-preservation, (to fight against ageing and cellular damage.)

The logic of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” no longer applies when you start to see lines running across your forehead and creases around your eyes.

Most men irritate their face every day by shaving, no matter how carefully they shave. In addition to removing dead skin cells, they’re also exfoliating live ones. So the basis for our men’s skin care range is to soothe, heal and calm inflammation and, at the same time, enhance appearance and confidence.

Surmanti Man® has been meticulously designed to meet the demands of today’s active man. Concentrated natural and organic active ingredients work in synergy to quickly provide optimum, visible results.

Surmanti Man® is all about natural, healthy skin with flexibility and good tone. We love expression lines on a man’s face; he should look cared for and
well-rested. Surmanti Man® is an exceptional quality skin care line, specifically formulated for the man who understands that his grooming and appearance are vital to his professional and personal success.
The Surmanti Man® skin care line is as sexy as the man that uses it;
The ultimate solution for today’s distinct man.

Come on over to the DARK side…
Surmanti Man – BLACK, BOLD, GOLD and SEXY.

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