Energy Cleansing: Why It's Important to Clear Your Space

Create peace, clarity, safety and positivity with our surmanti beeswax clearing candle.
The smudging ritual is an ancient one, used by Native Americans ceremonially for its cleansing and purifying properties to release toxic negative energy and negative ions for both individuals and personal environments. This ritual candle is a concentrated formulation of true lavender infused with wild white sage and finished with creamy honey notes. The surmanti cleansing candle has been designed to create cleansing/clearing smoke.

Lavender essential oil has been shown in scientific studies to help ease restlessness, nervous tension and exhaustion, anxiety issues and emotional stress.

White sage, renowned for its cleansing and purifying properties, is believed to have very potent energy or vibration to clear and banish negative energy attracting positive energy.

Beeswax, a natural ionizer! The only wax that emits negative ions to purify, cleanse, improve air quality and invigorate the body.

Burn the surmanti clearing candle to shift and cleanse energy in your home or office. Once lit, burn for 10- 15 minutes to create a good pool of wax. Sit quietly and set your intention, e.g. “I cleanse this room of all impurities, negativity, and energy that does not support the people that live/work here.”

Walk slowly around the rooms allowing the smoke to drift into all corners, along walls and around windows. Visualize the smoke absorbing negativity and toxicity. As the smoke dissipates visualise the bad energy dissolving, making room for positive, fresh energy.

After each room has been cleansed, stand over the candle allowing the smoke to flow over your body. Visualise your negativity dissolving then disappearing into the smoke.

Take a deep breath and step forward boldly into love, light and joy.