Five Ways to Pamper Mum this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your mom how much you care. Whether she’s a stay-at-home mum or working woman, being a mother is one of the toughest jobs out there and deserves to be celebrated.


Mother’s Day is a celebration of not just mums, but to all the mother figures in our lives, so this year why not try something different that will make her day special?


Home Spa Day

There is nothing mums love more than a good spa day, however there is a better, more financially savvy way to pamper mum without the expensive spa visits…

Like most mums, yours is likely always dashing around taking care of everyone else. Treat her to some much-needed relaxation with a home spa day. Draw a warm bath with essential oils, make her favourite tea and light some candles to create a space in which she can truly relax.


Start by running her a hot bath with our complete bath set including our luxurious bath and spa salts for the ultimate relaxing experience.


To take it to the next level, prepare her some healthy snacks and drinks so she can have them nearby while soaking in the tub. You can even build her a playlist of her favourite songs to listen to while she is relaxing.


A lot of the time a silent home with a few items to help pamper herself is all mum needs!



At Home Luxury Facial


Following the soak mum can indulge her skin with our Age Defense essentials skincare set. This Surmanti Skincare set is inspired by the goodness of Mother Nature, packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to lock in moisture.

The Facial Age Defense Essentials Skincare set contains 4 essential products needed as part of your daily skincare routine. And even better for mum is it includes Surmanti’s best selling Age Defense Treatment Peels, and a new makeup remover cloth.

This set includes;

  • Facial Age Defense Intelligence Serum 18ml - This pure, potent anti-aging potion works quickly and effectively to improve quality and texture.
  • Facial Age Defense Daily Moisturiser 50ml - This lightweight and fast absorbing treatment with fast-acting moisture retaining plant extracts.
  • Facial Age Defense Cleanse & Tone 50ml - This is an integral part of her skincare and prevents collagen destruction.
  • Facial Age Defense Toner Spritz 50ml - Lastly mum can hydrate her skin instantly and renew her complexion.

Mums love to pamper their skin and luckily Surmanti has plenty of skincare products that have been designed to give your mum radiant skin.



Gift your Mum with Fresh Flowers


When it comes to shopping around for gifts for Mother's Day, nothing is more beautiful and thoughtful than a fresh bouquet of flowers. Make sure you shop around for the perfect bunch that reflects your mum’s personality and taste.


Flowers are a wonderful way to brighten up her Mother's Day, as they bring some much-needed colour to the room that she is spending all of her time in. In New Zealand in May flowers such as Chrysanthemums, Daffodils and Dahlias are in season and readily available from most local florists.


Pick some up on your essential grocery run, support a local florist working from home, or bring the essence of flowers instead with our Iris & White-Water home parfum linen spray.


Our home parfum linen sprays and range of diffusers can bring an incredible scent to any room, without having to worry about replacing flowers!


Try our floral based scents such as Gardenia & Hyacinth and Jasmine & Ylang Ylang.




Cook Her Favourite Dinner


There's nothing better than having your favourite meal, especially when someone else cooks it for you!


Pick up all those special ingredients you need to create that delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner that will make her want seconds. Not in the same area? See if her favourite local restaurant can deliver a delicious meal to her doorstep.


Mums deserve to have a night off from the mental load of feeding an entire family.



Show Your Appreciation Through Spending Time with Her


At the end of the day, it’s not always about material things. Show her your appreciation through words and actions.

Make sure she knows how much you value her and all that she does for you. Compliment her on something specific like a piece of advice she gave or a skill she excels at. Let her know how grateful you are to have her as your mom.


No matter what kind of gift or activity you decide to do, remember that Mother’s Day is ultimately about spending time with the special woman in your life who has done so much for you over the years.


Pamper your mom this Mother’s Day and make it one to remember.