From Muddy to Magnificent: The Top Dog Shampoo And Conditioner For A Clean, Nourished Coat.

Keeping your furry friend clean and healthy is a top priority as a dog owner. One of the most important aspects of your dog’s hygiene is its coat. Whether your pup has long, flowing locks or a short sleek coat, regular grooming is essential for maintaining their health and appearance. Give your pup the pampering it deserves this National Pet Day with our fur baby pet shampoo and conditioner.

We're sharing our TOP TIPS for bathing your dog.


How often should I bathe my dog?

Whether your pooch loves splashing in the bath, or scampers when they hear you say the word, bathing them regularly is so important for looking after your pet.

There are many factors that determine how often your pup should be bathed. We recommend bathing your dog no more than once a month or whenever they get overly dirty or smelly. Overbathing can do more harm than good to your pup. This can strip the skin of natural oils which can cause dryness and irritation.

Since every pup is different, our best advice is to check in with your groomer or vet to determine how often your pup should be bathed.


Fur Baby Application:

Here are the dog-washing steps we recommend for an experience you and your pup can enjoy.

 Fur Baby Shampoo:

  • Firstly, ensure your fur baby is wet right down to the undercoat using warm water. This can be done in a large sink, bathtub or shower.
  • Pump Fur Baby shampoo onto your hands or dissolve into a little warm water for thicker coats, then pour over the coat evenly. Diluting the shampoo into a bowl of water will help spread it easier.
  • Gently massage shampoo right through the coat, and right down to the skin. 
  • Avoid getting any shampoo into the eyes or ears. Use a soft cloth to safely clean the face. 
  • Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear. 
  • For best results wash twice. The first wash will get rid of any dirt, the second wash will clean your pup’s coat right to the skin.
  • Follow with Fur Baby Conditioner.

Fur Baby Conditioner:

  • Pump conditioner onto your hands. Apply to coat evenly. 
  • Avoid getting into the eyes or ears. Use a soft cloth to safely clean the face. 
  • Gently massage through the coat, down to the skin allowing the conditioner to nourish the skin and the coat. Leave for 2 minutes. 
  • Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear.


How do I dry my pup?

A good post-bath routine ultimately comes down to what your pup prefers. We recommend towel-drying your dog as much as you can. Follow up by using a hairdryer on a medium-to-cool setting to finish drying. Be sure to brush the fur as it dries to prevent mats from forming in the fur.

Air-drying your pup is also a good option if your dog doesn’t get too cold. We advise brushing the fur every 10-15 minutes when air-drying.

Enjoy your pup smelling clean, fruity, and fresh!


Our TOP TIPS for bathing your pooch:

  • If you have a pup that doesn’t like water, it’s a good idea to have some treats handy to start the bathing process smoothly.
  • Having everything you need to bathe your pup in arm’s reach will help get the wash done quickly with less mess.
  • It’s important to take extra caution when washing around the sensitive areas of your dog’s face. Use our puppy face cloth to wipe any shampoo or conditioner from the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.


Why choose Fur Baby:

Helps prevent and kill fleas 

  • Gets rid of dirt and grime from your fur baby’s coat.  
  • Promotes a healthy, shiny coat.  
  • Reduces itchiness.  
  • Aids the body in healing skin conditions. 
  • Nourishes coat. 
  • Helps treat dry and itchy skin. 
  • Can help defend against mosquitos, fleas and ticks. 

Keeping your dog’s coat clean and healthy is crucial for its overall well-being. By using our fur baby shampoo and conditioner, you can help your pup maintain a nourished, healthy coat that will make them the talk of the dog park. Shop Fur Baby Here.