Scentsational Mother’s Day: The best perfumes to gift your Mum

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, what better way to show your appreciation for the special women in your life than with a thoughtful and luxurious gift? Perfume is a timeless present that will make any Mum feel pampered and loved. Whichever scent she prefers, we’ve got a fragrance perfect for her. This blog will explore some of the best gift options for Mother’s Day and help make your Mum feel extra special.

 Surmanti’s Natural Perfumes hero natures botanical aromas. Formulated with a sophisticated blend of organic essential oils that interact in perfect harmony with your body chemistry, creating a luxurious and long-lasting aroma. Each perfume is hand made with love, infused with the pure, unravelled goodness of essential oils gifted by mother nature.

Our perfumes make the perfect Mother’s Day gift, delicately packaged with love, ready to gift your deserving mum.

 Scent is one of the most deep-rooted senses, proven to tune your mood holistically and evolve with you every step of the way. Our carefully crafted blend of essential oils in our Natural Perfume fragrances are designed to help bring forward healing synergies to your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.


What to love about our perfumes:

  • Free from any nasty chemicals.
  • Natural plant-based, created using a synergistic blend of organic essential oils. 
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Eau De Parfum, ensuring you get luxurious long-lasting results.
  • Our perfumes make perfect Mother’s Day gifts. Presented in glass bottles and resting comfortably in rich silk fabric, in a luxurious perfume box with a bow. Carefully presented to you in a Surmanti giftbag, ready to gift.



A perfume that brings the sun right into your heart.
A sweet, joyful aroma consisting of a delicate blend of fresh aquatic notes, paired with a tropical fruity finish.

Its essential oil blend may help increase energy levels, balance the mood and help with mental focus.

Fragrance Notes: Passionflower, Passionfruit, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Green Notes, Lemon, Tangerine, Jasmine.

Use: Enjoy using this timeless perfume all year round!



Refresh your senses with a perfume that dances through light, radiating fresh, bright, aromatic energy throughout the day. Created with a synergistic blend of fresh citrus bursts, with clean aquatic notes, coupled with a fresh green finish.

Its essential oil blend may help increase blood circulation and calmness, to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Fragrance Notes: Lime, Mandarin, Tropical Fruit, Green Notes, Tonka Bean.

Use: Enjoy this perfume for a high burst of energy and freshness.



Turn heads, stop people in their tracks, and create the ultimate statement by choosing to wear a perfume that truly seduces the senses. The exotic blend of sweet floral notes such as Orchid, Jasmine and Fig Leaf marry in perfect harmony with the green woodsy notes of Leather, Patchouli and Pink Peppercorn with a hint of Chocolate to create a perfume that captivates every component of your senses.

Its essential oil blend may help uplift the mood, increase concentration, and sexual drive.

Fragrance Notes: Bergamot, Pink Peppercorn, Jasmine, Orchid, Amber, Leather, Patchouli, Blackcurrant, Fig Leaf, Tonka Bean.

Use: This earthy, wintery, floral perfume blend is perfect for the cooler season.


5 tips on Surmanti Natural eau de parfum

  1. Less is more: Our Natural Perfumes are crafted with a highly concentrated blend of pure essential oils. Ensure you spray small amounts on your skin. A little goes a very long way!
  2. Spray, then wait: Spray on skin. Wait approximately 1 minute before smelling the perfume on your skin. Natural Perfumes need time to react with your own individual body chemistry.
  3. Spray on skin: Natural Perfumes are created to interact with our skins individual body chemistry and body heat. Let the fragrance work its magic directly on your skin.
  4. Dab but don’t rub: Instead of rubbing the perfume on wrists, gently dab wrists a couple of times.
  5. Spray on ‘pulse points’ – Pulse points include, but are not limited to, knees, elbows, collarbone, wrists and neck.

Giving the gift of perfume on Mother’s Day is a wonderful way to show your appreciation and love for the extraordinary women in your life. The right perfume can evoke memories and feelings that will last a lifetime. So go ahead, spoil your Mum with one of our gorgeous fragrances this Mother’s Day.

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