Surmanti Media Features

We are so privileged and thankful for all of your love and support for Surmanti!
Here is just a few magazine features we've been lucky enough to be in! :)



The Australian Women's Weekly featuring Surmanti Bath & Spa Salt.
JUNE 2016 ISSUE  |  PAGE 100

Handcrafted indulgence with no nasties and a synergising blend of oils, sea and lake salt.




Next Magazine featuring Surmanti Fur Baby Pet Shampoo.

Surmanti Fur Baby pet shampoo - rough coat.
With avocado, coconut and mint, this pet shampoo smells good enough to eat.
The sleek packaging with gold-neck tag looks as good as any human beauty product.




Next Magazine: Read about the amazing Founder & CEO of Surmanti, Maxim Titter.
Also features the Surmanti Aromatherapy Air Diffuser.
JUNE 2016 ISSUE  |  PAGES 160 & 163

Pg 160.
Surmanti Aromatherapy's stunning cold air diffusers safely disperse essential oils
into the air. These therapeutic oils have been proven to influence our moods and levels of wellbeing. Within minutes you'll enjoy the transformative, aromatic power of Surmanti's essential oil blends. Call 0800 884314 for stockists.

Pg 163.
Maxim Titter  |  Surmanti
Surmanti is a visual, tactile and olfactory compilation of beauty, wellness and healing products paired to perfection with Mother Nature's finest, natural and organic ingredients. Founder Maxim Titter's love and passion for creating New Zealand made products of beauty, patina, and soul is her life's purpose. Her extensive background as a beauty entrepeneur drives Surmanti's passion for active and fresh ingredients. Her obsessiveness for all things natural and organic have created a unique set of principles that have shaped and defined Surmanti's brand and underlying philosophy. Surmanti products are not tested on any animals and are free from nasty chemicals: no parabens, solvent extracted oils, mineral oils and no lauryl or laureth sulphates or PEGs.




Next Magazine featuring Surmanti Limited Edition Christmas Lily Eco Soya Long Burning Candle
The Surmanti Christmas Lily Eco Soya Long Burning Candle is as true and fresh as the lilies that bloom in New Zealand between December and the New Year. This limited edition floral scent is one of nature's true masterpieces. It brings forth smiles, joy and happiness. Handcrafted and made in New Zealand.





Next Magazine featuring Surmanti Lead Crystal Diffusers
Optimising Luxury.
These limited edition diffuser sets are distinctive and unique, each solid lead crystal weighs an impressive 1.1kgs each. At Surmanti we have a legacy of handcrafting and the benefits that come from using natural ingredients and materials.





Simply You Magazine featuring Surmanti Lime & Coconut Mango & Rosehip Body Mousse.
Surmanti Lime & Coconut Mango & Rosehip Mousse.
Instantly soothing, non-greasy and melts on skin contact. Call 0800 884 314 for Retailers.
Good Magazine featuring Surmanti Products
NOV/DEC 2015 ISSUE#45  |  PAGE 3
Surmanti Gift a piece of New Zealand.
When love, skill & nature work together, expect a masterpiece like Surmanti, Our beautiful obsession.

Surmanti's a visual, tactile and olfactory compilation of beauty, wellness and healing products paired to perfection with mother nature's finest natural and organic ingredients.

Founder Maxim Titter's love and passion for creating products of beauty that have patina, soul and purpose is immensely satisfying, but it's the joy and results her products bring to others that give Maxim the most pleasure.

We are New Zealand made. We craft our products fresh in small batches using ingredients in their pure raw state, preserving the rich vitamins, minerals and active properties within. We package fresh in recyclable air tight black glass, and food grade aluminium as heat, light and air all have a detrimental effect on the chemistry and effectiveness of natural products. We don't use chemicals to extend our shelf life, rather freshness and great packaging.

Our products are FREE from nasty chemicals. No solvent extracted oils, no mineral oils, no lauryl or laureth sulphates, no PEGs, no parabens, no dyes, no artificial colouring, no animal ingredients or animal testing.

Combine our ethos with authenticity, integrity, love and soul, and there you have Surmanti, "Our Beautiful Obsession." Come on over to the DARK side...
Surmanti - Black, Bold and Gold.





Ponsonby News Magazine featuring Surmanti Eco Soya Clean Air Candle
Surmanti Eco Soya Clean Air Candle
Has over 50 hours burn time.