Spray Away Your Pains With Surmanti Muscle and Stress Spray

Made from a blend of natural therapeutic essential oils, spray directly onto skin for ALMOST INSTANT, topical relief. No massage required.

Do you have the niggling ache in your shoulders or back, or pulled a muscle, or is the stress of the week just getting to you? Surmanti Muscle and Stress Spray will change your OUCH to an Ohhh, no ice necessary. The warmth from the therapeutic essential oils releases tension soothing sore tired aching muscles.  The euphoric aroma will uplift your spirit and increase concentration.


Surmanti Muscle and Stress Spray is a natural deeply penetrating spray that helps ease topical aches pains and stiffness associated with spending too much time sitting in front of your computer, or in one position.  Overtime prolonged, static loading of tissues puts undue pressure on the lower back and causes stress to the surrounding muscles and joints.  Spray directly onto the affected area, along with the back of the neck, not only will you find relief you’ll also be surprised at the mind clearing benefits of the essential oils.

ON THE ROAD - Driving on a long road trip, I keep a bottle in my glove box, when I feel myself getting tired and my concentration starts to wander I’d spray directly onto the back of my neck.

I used to spray my calves, when co- piloting on a road trip with my husband, as they would ache from using my imaginary brakes, until I discovered spraying hubby’s neck and shoulders before we left home reduced his impatience, and his need to get there as fast as was legally possible.  Happy family road trips are now something we take for granted, even leaving Auckland in peak hour traffic.

ACHES & PAINS - Had a rough night, woken up with a stiff neck or lower back? Or maybe your just getting a little older and all those years of hard work are catching up with your body.  Spritz directly onto the affected area and you’ll find relief in minutes.

Great for days that YOU’VE OVERDONE IT - been in the garden all day, now you can’t move or maybe you’ve been practicing your golf swing and now your struggling to get out of bed let alone move.

PREGNANCY - This is one product I used continually during the later stage stages of my first pregnancy as I suffered with incredible lower back pain.  During my second pregnancy I used it daily on my lower back and to ease my swollen lower legs and tired feet. 

COUGHS & COLDS - Night time coughing getting you down?  Did you know that you can spray muscle and stress directly onto the soles of your feet. Within minutes the coughing will subside.

Spray directly onto the chest, or onto a tissue or handkerchief.

We have 2 sizes available, our most popular is the handy travel size that you can take anywhere, great for sports bags, handbags and glove boxes.

REMEMBER If for any reason you’re not’ delighted with your surmanti product we offer a 100% money back guarantee. 

Check out the reviews on this product are simply amazing: https://surmanti.co.nz/collections/muscle-stress/products/muscle-stress-spray-30ml

To find your closest stockist please call 0800482669 or email info@surmanti.co.nz subject muscle stress stockist.