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Boxed Gift Sets NZ

    Looking for a thoughtful present that offers a touch of New Zealand's natural elegance? Boxed gift sets NZ from Surmanti allow you to indulge your friends, family, or yourself with the ultimate gift of self-care and luxury.
    These beautifully curated collections are more than just gifts; they’re an experience, a gateway to a moment of bliss, and a journey through the senses with some of New Zealand's finest natural products. From skincare essentials to home aromatics, each set is crafted with love and infused with the richness of natural ingredients, ensuring every occasion is celebrated with a touch of elegance and well-being.

    Gift Sets for Your Loved Ones

    The essence of giving is epitomised in our selection of gift sets for your loved ones, designed for those who deserve a moment of luxury. Our gift pack products are a full sensory experience, a gesture of care and well-being. They offer an escape, a chance to unwind and bask in the richness of handpicked New Zealand-crafted items.

    Each set serves as an oasis of calm, providing your loved ones with a much-needed respite from the demands of everyday life.

    Crafted with precision and care, our latest gift box products cater to various occasions and needs, making them versatile for any event, be it a heartfelt celebration, a milestone acknowledgment, or just a simple act of kindness.

    They are more than just presents; they symbolise a sanctuary of self-care and an experience that speaks volumes of your consideration and love. Engage in the art of giving with Surmanti, where every gift set becomes a treasured moment of luxury and personal retreat for your cherished ones.

    Whether you're looking to freshen your home with Surmanti room spray NZ or for a New Zealand-made gift set for a loved one, at Surmanti, we have you covered.

    Facial Skincare Serenity

    Our Facial Age Defense and Clarifying Essentials Skincare Sets are a testament to our commitment to skin health.

    These sets are now accessible at a value that brings the pinnacle of skincare innovation to your loved one's daily routine. Each product within these sets is a culmination of research and passion, aimed at delivering visible results while pampering the skin with the purest natural acids, essential oils, and extracts.

    Chef's Delight Collection

    The Chef's Collection Gift Set is a tribute to the culinary arts, a selection that brings the same level of detail and sophistication to kitchen essentials as a chef does to their cuisine.

    This set is an ideal companion for the gastronome, enhancing their cooking experience with an aromatic and sensory twist.

    Therapeutic Wellness

    For those seeking relief and relaxation, our Muscle & Stress and Relax Sleep Easy gifts offer a sanctuary. They are a caring gesture for someone in need of tranquillity, providing the therapeutic benefits of our carefully selected ingredients known for their calming and restorative properties.

    Crystal Aromatic Ambiance

    The opulence of our Crystal gifts, available in an array of enchanting scents including Black Raspberry & Vanilla, Starfruit Lychee & Guava, and Iris & White Water, presents not just a gift, but a centerpiece that transforms any space with its fragrance and elegance. These sets are the epitome of luxury, combining the warm glow of candles with the rich, layered scents that define Surmanti’s signature aromas.

    Simple Elegance

    For a subtle yet sophisticated touch, our Surmanti Gift Set in a Gold Embossed Bag or the Surmanti Shopping Bag offer a stylish way to present your chosen Surmanti products.

    These accessories are a nod to eco-friendliness and fashion-forward thinking, found throughout our range of products, from body butter to natural dishwashing liquid, perfect for those who appreciate minimalist design with functional appeal.

    Sweet Sensations

    The Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit and Gardenia & Hyacinth Crystal Gift Sets encapsulate the freshness and sweetness of nature’s bounty. These fragrant treasures are a delight for the senses, bringing a burst of citrus or the lush scent of a blooming garden into your home.

    Exclusive Gift Sets: Embrace of Nighttime Skincare

    The Facial Wellness Skincare Bundle is the nighttime hero, offering a collection that supports skin’s natural repair process during sleep. It's a thoughtful gift for anyone looking to enhance their evening skincare ritual with products that promise to rejuvenate and restore by morning.

    Choosing Meaningful Self-Care Beauty Gifts

    Selecting a Surmanti Boxed Gift Set is about more than the simple act of giving; it’s about providing a pathway to tranquillity and refinement. These sets are more than mere tokens; they represent a commitment to well-being and sophisticated living. With Surmanti's dedication to eco-friendly elegance, our sets are an emblem of thoughtful consideration for both the recipient and the environment.

    As you browse these collections, you're offering a gift that extends beyond the usual expectations. You're giving an experience that emphasises the importance of self-care and the luxury of natural elegance.

    Each Surmanti gift is a curated ensemble that speaks to the heart's desire for calm and rejuvenation amidst life's hustle. It's a deliberate choice that highlights a conscious lifestyle and the pure joy found in giving something truly special.