Relax Aromatherapy Essential Oil - 10mL

Relax Aromatherapy Essential Oil - 10mL

RELAX Sleep Easy

Craving a sense of serenity and wanting your soul to be at peace? Soothe your mind body and soul with this unique blend of essential oils proven for their calming and sedative properties. Eases a busy mind, calms nervous tension, and helps induce healthy and restorative sleep.

Contains seven carefully selected essential oils known for their calming, relaxing and sedative effects.  Promotes a restful and peaceful sleep naturally. 


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Our five senses connect us to the world - sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. A schema that dates back to Aristotle. While each sensory system is unique, they share basic characteristics and similarities of structure and function. Smell is the only exception: signals go directly from the receptors in the nose to the olfactory bulb, directly in the brain (the limbic system.) It’s long been proven that our body unconsciously reacts to scent. Scent is one of the most deep-rooted senses, proven to influence our moods and our levels of wellbeing. 

Essential Oils are one of nature’s most powerful forms, their scent is extracted from specific plants, flowers, barks, seeds and resins. These holistic liquid substances are in total biochemical harmony with our bodies and our planet. When we inhale complex precious oils they operate effectively on 2 levels. The cellular physical level, the emotional, the intellectual, spiritual and aesthetic level (to cleanse and purify our environment from illness, to insects.)

Surmanti Aromatherapy is a specific range of therapeutic essential oil blends, each with a purpose. Each blend has its own unique chemistry; the uniqueness is in its aroma and its therapeutic action when inhaled. Cold air diffusion is the most effective way to receive therapeutic benefits. Surmanti ultrasonic air diffusers have been designed to quickly (within minutes) disperse a fine mist of pure therapeutic essential oils into the air without compromising their integrity by heating them. We know you’ll enjoy the transformative, aromatic power of essential oils. Use your intuition when making your selections.

  • Created with concentrated essential oils, creating wonderfully complex layered scents that that help calm and relax your body and mind, promoting a deep sleep.

Vaporisation: Add to an oil burner or air diffuser. Bath: To promote a restful sleep and improve sleep quality, add a few drops to bathwater.

Massage: To help calm your mind and you’re your body into a restful sleep, (adults only), dilute with a carrier oil. Then apply to temples, forehead, back of neck, shoulders, or full body and gently massage. 

Juniperus Viginiana (Cedarwood) Oil, Dipropylene Glycol (Benzoin) Oil, Cananga Odorata (Ylang Ylang) Oil, Santalum Album (Sandalwood) Oil, Ambra (Amber) Oil, Pogostemon Cablin (Patchouli) Oil, Vetiveria Zizanoides (Vetiver) Oil. 

*Found Naturally in Essential Oils *Benzyl Salicylate *Eugenol *Geraniol *Benzyl Benzoate *Farmesol *Linalool.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Patricia Williams

First time purchasing online with Surmanti. Unbelievable service, they have restored my faith in our countries businesses. The Manager was superb lady. Will definitely purchase again, looking forward to trying the skincare range. And my recipients of other products are looking forward to trying also, as I gave them high recommendation.

Donna Metcalfe

Use it in my diffuser and splash it in the bath A little on my pillow.

Surmanti, relax , sleep, easy aromatherapy essential oil

This oil was bought for a gift for me from my sister, while visiting family in NZ... Oct this year. Have used this beauty of a oil religiously before bed. My husband is a FIFO ( fly in fly out ) up in the mines in Perth... He so looks forward to coming home in our own bed with the diffuser going before bed with this relaxing, sleep blessing of a oil. He always comments about this beauty of a oil. He says it’s like a drug haha that knocks you out to sleep 💤 lol... Scents our whole room and relaxes us both in a easy relax sleep. What a divine oil you have created. Will be definitely ordering before it runs out. Hopefully you ship and deliver to Australia.

Love and Light

Tee Gillingham

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