Surmanti's 5 Handy Dish Washing Tips

One of those monotonous tasks that most of us dread is washing dishes! Even with a dishwasher, daily cooking means you are left with pots, pans and other items that need to be washed. You might be someone who finds washing dishes meditative, but if not, we have put together some handy tips to make washing dishes just a little bit easier!

Don't procrastinate!

This first tip might sound obvious, but often when we are pressed for time, or just feeling a little lazy, the easiest solution is to stack up your dishes next to your sink without rinsing them. The problem is when dirty dishes sit around, moisture evaporates from the food, creating a solid bond with the surface it is sitting on. So, the golden rule is, wipe food off your dishes as soon as possible!

 Choose the right tools!

Washing dishes can be made easy with the right dish cleaning tools. Some of the best dish tools we suggest investing in are:

  • Dish Wands – Add Surmanti Dishwashing liquid directly into the handle of your dish wand.
  • A Good Sponge – Choose an eco-friendly all-purpose cleaning sponge that is versatile and easy to clean.

 Hot is best!

Use hot water when washing dishes. Heat from water helps food break away from surfaces more easily, helping get rid of grease and grime from your dishes. This will also help you remove the streaks and spots from glasses and cutlery.

Give them a soak

Fill your sink with water and give your dishes a soak in water for as long as possible before they go in your dishwasher, or get cleaned out individually.

Glove up

Prevent the natural oils from your hands from drying out by wearing gloves when you are washing dishes. Gloves provide you with an added protective barrier against hot water.

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